Avocado Hass Ea
$3.99 each
Watermelon S/​Less Cut Kg
$4.99 each
Watermelon Slices Kg
$10.99 per kg
Pineapple Chunks 380ggm
$8.99 each $23.66 per kg
Watermelon Whole Seedless Kg
$3.99 per kg
Fruit Salad 500g
$14.99 each
Grapes Red Seedless Kg
$18.99 per kg
Pineapple 1/​2 Each
$6.99 each
Rockmelon Ea
$11.99 each
Watermelon Chunks 380g
$7.99 each $21.03 per kg
Dates 250g
$6.99 each
Dates, Medjool, King Solomon (​250g)
$5.99 each $2.40 per 100g
Fruit Platter Small
$24.99 each
Fruit Salad 1kg
$24.99 each
Honeydew Melon Ea
$9.99 each
Passionfruit Pulp 150mL
$5.99 each $3.99 per 100g
Pineapple Slices Ea
$9.99 each
Rockmelon Chunks 380g
$7.99 each $21.03 per kg
Rockmelon Half Ea
$6.99 each
Rockmelon Slices Ea
$8.99 each
Strawberries & Blueberries 220g
$6.99 per kg
Wicked Caramel Flavoured Dip 130g
$2.99 each $2.30 per 100g
Wicked Chocolate Dip (​130g)
$2.99 each $2.30 per 100g
Wicked White Chocolate Flavoured Dip 130g
$2.99 each $2.30 per 100g
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